Answering your top questions about the News Media Bargaining CodeAnswering your top questions about the News Media Bargaining CodeVP, Google Australia & New Zealand

Question 9: What’s happening in France? I read that you’re paying publishers there…

We have offered (and signed ) deals for News Showcase in France and a dozen other countries, the same as what we’re proposing in Australia. We believe that these new agreements demonstrate that News Showcase can work as a solution to pay publishers within a framework set by regulators, without breaking Google Search or the open web. 

Question 10: How does news content show up in Google?

Google does not show full news articles, we link you to news content, just like we link you to every other page on the web such as Wikipedia entries, personal blogs or business websites. You can read more about how news shows up in Google Search, and how we’re supporting the news industry in this blog

Question 11: What does Google contribute to the Australian economy?

Each year, Google provides $53 billion in benefits to businesses and consumers. In 2002, Google Australia started with just one person in a lounge room, today, our team has grown to be 1,800 strong. Today, we support an additional 116,000 jobs across the country, and provide $39 billion in benefits to Australian businesses and $14 billion in benefits to consumers. In the 2019 calendar year, Google Australia paid AU$59 million of corporate income taxes, and Google’s presence in Australia contributed over AU$700 million in taxes to the Australian Government’s revenue base. 

Question 12: What’s the impact of the revised law on YouTube?

On 8 December 2020, the Government confirmed that YouTube will not be included as a designated service in the Code at this time, and we agree that this is the right approach. However, the way that the Code is written leaves the door open for additional digital platforms to be added at any time, and several news businesses have advocated for YouTube’s inclusion in their Senate submissions. We will continue to make our case to the Australian Government on why YouTube should remain excluded from the Code.

You can read more about our proposal for a workable News Media Bargaining Code at and in these blog posts. You can hear Mel Silva’s full testimony at the Senate hearing on 22 January on this site.  

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