Get ready for #IamRemarkable Week with 5 remarkable storiesGet ready for #IamRemarkable Week with 5 remarkable storiesFounder of #IamRemarkable and Head of Growth and Think with Google EMEA

Most of us are taught we shouldn’t brag about our achievements — but is it bragging if you’re  stating facts? Judging from the looks of surprise I get when asking people to list their accomplishments, the answer to this question is often “yes.” But it shouldn’t be.

In 2016, I launched #IamRemarkable together with a colleague of mine. It is a global movement that empowers women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.  Our 90-minute workshop helps participants learn to acknowledge, share and celebrate what makes them remarkable. 

To date, over 250,000 people from more than 150 countries have participated in an #IamRemarkable workshop with the help of 8,000 facilitators. And last year, over 30,000 participants took part in the first-ever #IamRemarkable Week: a digital experience celebrating diversity, inclusion and allyship.

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