Google’s $53 billion impact in AustraliaGoogle’s $53 billion impact in AustraliaVP, Google Australia & New Zealand

Today, I’m pleased to launch Google’s 2020 Economic Impact Report – a look at our role in Australia which shows we’re providing businesses and our users with a combined $53 billion in benefits every year. 

Key findings: 

  • 1.3 million businesses receive $39 billion in benefits through increased revenues, millions of connections with customers and greater efficiencies, saving time and money

  • Consumers receive $14 billion in benefits via productivity, convenience and access to information

  • Search saves users almost 5 days a year, drivers save 5.6 hours per year using Google Maps

  • Australian app developers earned $639 million through Google Play reaching 1 billion users globally

  • 60% go to small to medium businesses; 90% of benefits go to non-technology industries

Google’s economic impact in Australia

Google  started our first Australian office in a Sydney lounge room almost twenty years ago and in that time there’s been incredible change. Our team in 2002 – just one person at the time – has now grown to be 1,800 strong and by enabling business expansion, our digital services like Google Ads and Google Play support an additional 116,200 jobs across the country. And many of our products, which were simply ideas back then, have grown to become an important part of the everyday lives of millions of Australians.

In all of that time, there’s never been a year with so much change as we’ve just seen in 2020. The impacts of the pandemic and its effects on businesses has been overwhelming. 

But at the same time, it’s been inspiring to watch the way businesses across Australia have managed those challenges to cope. Our Economic Impact Report shows how businesses have increasingly moved online in this difficult year to provide vital services and succeed.

As our report demonstrates, there are now more than 1.3 million businesses in Australia using Google’s free tools and services-to reach new customers, advertise effectively where they couldn’t before and make use of new digital skills.

Helping businesses stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic

One of those companies using Google’s tools is Bliss Gifts and Homewares, based on the South Coast of New South Wales. Early in 2020, the business was impacted by the devastating bushfire crisis before the coronavirus pandemic compounded the situation. 

For a small business like Bliss located in a tourist town, the effects of the bushfires and COVID should have been devastating. But due to the fact they were already online and with the help of tools like Google Ads, owner Melissa Stone was remarkably able to not only grow the business but saw their revenue jump by 70% during COVID. Bliss’ online presence is now 90 per cent of the business with the help of Google’s tools. 

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