Helping you easily identify information sources in SearchHelping you easily identify information sources in SearchGroup Product ManagerDirector of Product Management

People come to Google to find information from a wide range of sources and formats, from big brands to individual creators, across text, images and video. As we’ve introduced features and design elements to help you explore information in new ways, we’ve also continued to bring greater context to the search results page, helping you make sense of the information you see. Today, we’re making a few new updates to the search page that build on this work, providing even more information about the sites that you see so you can feel confident about the websites you visit.

We’re adding site names to search results on mobile, so you can easily identify the website that’s associated with each result at a glance. We’re also updating the size and shape of the favicon (a website’s logo or icon) that appears in Search, to make it easier to see on the page. We’ll extend these changes to Search ads to increase clarity and advertiser transparency at a glance.

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