How to Poll During Microsoft Teams Meeting

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can create polls before or during your Microsoft Teams meeting. You can set it so attendees can respond before, during, or after the meeting on mobile, web, and desktop. When you launch your poll, it will pop up as a notification on the meeting screen and also appear in the meeting chat window. Attendees can also create ad-hoc polls during a meeting to get quick feedback on the spot.

πŸ‘‹ Additional resources:
– Microsoft Support article:,screens%20as%20well%20as%20in%20the%20meeting%20chat

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:33 Create poll before meeting
2:57 All Polls tab
3:21 Add another question
4:01 Reorganize polls on All Polls tab
4:30 Launch poll before meeting
4:57 Poll before meeting from attendee perspective
5:33 Configure poll admin permissions
7:01 Create poll during meeting
7:25 Polls interface during meeting
7:45 Launch poll during meeting
8:17 Close poll
8:28 Export results to Excel
9:11 Get back to results after a meeting
9:22 Get back to results on Microsoft Forms
10:05 Wrap up

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