Humans behind Search: Meet MorHumans behind Search: Meet MorCommunications Manager

What’s been the most significant moment in your career in Search so far?

There hasn’t really been a significant moment, it’s more a sense throughout my time here that I’ve been able to have, literally, a life saving impact on people. It really hit home when I was scanning through user feedback and I saw the words, “Thank you Google you saved my life!” I thought wow. It’s such a privilege to be able to help people – for a job. It’s so amazing!

Where was that person?

They were close to a shooting incident and didn’t know what was happening. They’d heard shots and saw people running, then they checked Google and found out that they needed to stay put and take cover.

Where do you see the biggest progress being made in tracking our changing environment in the next 3-5 years?

I think at the intersection between climate and crisis, which is basically climate change. And one thing we know about climate change is that we’re going to see more frequent and more severe natural disasters. Advances in artificial intelligence together with search mean we can give advance notifications to users in life-threatening situations and enable them to act. For example, if we think that you’re in danger of an earthquake, we can issue early warnings to all Android phones in the area. Studies show that if you get to people before a crisis, you have nine times more impact.

What excites you about the future of Search and the real-life impact it can have?

For me personally, I think it’s the intersection between climate and technology. We can all do our individual parts to mitigate climate change, but I believe that it’s the largest crisis that we face as humanity. And when I think about how we can help in this huge effort globally, well, I feel privileged to take part.

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