News Brief: December updates from the Google News InitiativeNews Brief: December updates from the Google News InitiativeNews Lab

Bringing Latin American journalists together for GNI Summit Hispanoamérica 2020

We hosted the first regional GNI Summit for Spanish-Speaking Latin America, bringing together over 550 participants from more than 300 newsrooms and 18 countries. Newsrooms from across the region discussed their work with the GNI to build sustainable business models and combat other challenges facing the news industry.

Supporting NewsMatch, a resource for independent journalism

The Google News Initiative contributed $750,000 to NewsMatch, a program which brings together individual donors, foundations and corporate philanthropists to build fundraising capabilities and inspire giving to members of the Institute for Nonprofit News, a growing network of independent newsrooms that are nonprofit, nonpartisan and dedicated to public service. As part of its partnership, the GNI will provide added support to the participating 266 newsrooms: every organization that raises $11,500 from its audience will receive an equal matching gift from NewsMatch and a $2,500 “GNI Bonus” totaling $14,000. GNI funding will also give an award to newsrooms that bring on 100 first-time donors during the campaign cycle, from November 1 to December 31. As part of the GNI partnership with NewsMatch, all participating newsrooms will receive coaching and personalized support across GNI tools and training, including News Consumer Insights and the GNI Digital Growth Program.

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