Producer Peter CottonTale captures 2020 in a songProducer Peter CottonTale captures 2020 in a songContributor

In a year unlike any other, we knew Google’s 2020 Year in Search campaign would need to take a unique approach. Each year, Google Trends data reflects not only everyday queries, but also the moments, people and ideas that defined that year. Inspired by the year’s Trends data, music producer Peter CottonTale created the song highlighted in Year in Search.

Peter is a GRAMMY–winning producer and musician for his work with Chance the Rapper.  He self released his first solo album, CATCH, earlier this year. He’s also collaborated with artists all over the world over the past decade as a composer, producer, and music director, as well as a featured artist primarily on keys. And the Chicago native has a special place in his heart for working with artists from his hometown.

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