Reach your 2021 goals with custom apps — no coding requiredReach your 2021 goals with custom apps — no coding requiredProduct Manager

We’re nearly a month into 2021, and for some of us, that could mean we’re hitting a New Year’s resolution roadblock. But don’t lose all hope just yet: Research suggests that many of the positive changes we want to make are less about our will power and more about removing the hurdles between each of us and the things we want to do. That’s where technology — especially custom apps — can help.

Whether your goals involve losing weight, being more organized or getting outside more, apps can help you track your progress without getting in your way. And if you want to build your own custom app for these purposes (or if your resolution is in fact to make your own app), we’ve got you covered. 

AppSheet is Google Cloud’s no-code application development platform, and even if you don’t know HTML from Python, you can use it to create powerful applications without writing a single line of code. You can get started with AppSheet directly from Google Sheets, just like creating a Google Form. 

AppSheet can work with almost endless combinations of data, functionality and personalization. We’ve created three app templates that target some common New Year’s goals to get you started.

1.  Get in shape and track your progress.

Finding a fitness routine is perennially one of the top resolutions — and it’s easy to lose sight of this goal without a structured plan and a way to track (and be motivated by) your momentum. There are lots of fitness apps, but maybe you need something super-specific to your workout. If this sounds like you, don’t worry: Using AppSheet, you can build a custom fitness app that can do things like record your sets, reps and weights, log your workouts and show you your progress. 

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