Month: November 2020

The Top 5 Object Storage Tools for Developers

Choosing a storage solution is one of the most significant decisions a developer (or development team) needs to make when building a web or mobile application. As you can imagine, there are many different storage

The U.K.’s top nostalgic films: Access now on Pixel’s 5GThe U.K.’s top nostalgic films: Access now on Pixel’s 5GHead of Hardware Communications

Anyone in the U.K. can take part, regardless of what type of phone you have—but of course if you do happen to own a new Pixel 5G-enabled device, you’ll be able to start your viewing

The Story of MyCodeSchool: Tragedy, Triumph, and Two Friends Who Changed Programmer Education Forever

I first started learning to code in 2012. And there was one YouTube channel that all my friends used to learn algorithms and data structures: MyCodeSchool. Within minutes of watching MyCodeSchool, you could immediately tell

How to Explain Data Using Gaussian Distribution and Summary Statistics with Python

Once you understand the taxonomy of data, you should learn to apply a few essential foundational concepts that help describe the data using a set of statistical methods. Before we dive into data and its

After beating cancer, a renewed focus on mental healthAfter beating cancer, a renewed focus on mental healthCustomer Engineer

I know men in particular often have difficulties speaking about their emotions. I certainly did. But through the cancer treatment, I learned how to do that and it made a difference in all areas of

Java Random Number Generator – How to Generate Integers With Math Random

Computer generated random numbers are divided into two categories: true random numbers and pseudo-random numbers. True random numbers are generated based on external factors. For example, generating randomness using surrounding noises. But generating such true

The Nest devices that save sleep-deprived parentsThe Nest devices that save sleep-deprived parentsFeatures Editor

When my daughter Ruth was born this January, she was a handful. Literally. In the early months of her life, she refused to be put down, fussing and screaming unless we were holding her, walking

A custom-built robot lightens up the moodA custom-built robot lightens up the moodKeyword contributor

For example, if you move the slider all the way to the right and select “10” because you’re having an amazing day, Droid will automatically light up green. Then the robot’s lights will fade to

Combining technology and art as a Developer AdvocateCombining technology and art as a Developer AdvocateContributor, The Keyword

What first sparked your interest in technology?  I am from Indore, a city in central India. My parents are my role models: My dad is an engineer and his work inspired me to be an

Applied Data Analytics – How to Use Bayes' Theorem and Other Concepts to Improve your Business

I have written about Data Analytics on freeCodeCamp before. In my previous posts I have provided examples and concepts tied to the foundations of data analytics. And I discussed how you can use the frameworks