Month: March 2021

JavaScript Map – How to Use the JS .map() Function (Array Method)

Sometimes you may need to take an array and apply some procedure to its elements so that you get a new array with modified elements. Instead of manually iterating over the array using a loop,

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✂ How to Remove Video Background – no green screen needed

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to remove the background in video using free tools. This works without a green screen. You can use this technique to remove the background in video for an existing

Update on campaign targeting security researchersUpdate on campaign targeting security researchers

The new website claims the company is an offensive security company located in Turkey that offers pentests, software security assessments and exploits. Like previous websites we’ve seen set up by this actor, this website has

Organize your documents effortlessly with StackOrganize your documents effortlessly with StackTeam Lead

Have you ever lost a receipt you needed for a refund? Or misplaced an important tax document? Or forgot a bill and incurred a fine? I’ve done all three. (More than once!)  As we go

Big O Notation Examples – Time Complexity and Algorithm Efficiency Explained

Time complexity analysis helps us determine how much more time our algorithm needs to solve a bigger problem. In this article, I will explain what Big O notation means in time complexity analysis. We’ll look

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OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how you can edit videos using the OpenShot video editor. Open Shot is free and open source and allows you to edit videos with no watermarks. 👋 Additional resources:– Download

The ABCs of spelling in Google SearchThe ABCs of spelling in Google SearchGoogle Fellow and Vice President

B is for Better models to solve for the unknown Despite how common our mistakes are, many misspelled queries appear only once, making spelling a unique challenge for Search. And regardless of what kind of

Bayes' Rule Explained For Beginners

Bayes’ Rule is the most important rule in data science. It is the mathematical rule that describes how to update a belief, given some evidence. In other words – it describes the act of learning.

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Microsoft Office for FREE #Shorts

Learn how to get Word, Excel & PowerPoint for free on the web at Microsoft Office includes popular apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. 👋 Additional resources:– Longer-form video on how to get Office

Supporting a healthy digital ads ecosystem in AustraliaSupporting a healthy digital ads ecosystem in AustraliaDirector, Google Marketing Platform, Google Australia

Advertising plays a major role in sustaining the free and open web. It supports a universe of Australian creators and publishers — and underwrites the useful content and services that Australian internet users enjoy. Advertising