Month: April 2021

Keyboard Shortcuts to Improve Your Coding Productivity

These days, computers can pretty much do anything. Now if you are a frequent computer user like I am, I’m sure you interact with the keyboard all the time. And in this article, I’m going

A Matter of Impact: April updates from Google.orgA Matter of Impact: April updates from Google.orgPresident,

Last week we celebrated Earth Day — the second one that’s taken place during the pandemic. It’s becoming clear that these two challenges aren’t mutually exclusive. We know, for example, that climate change impacts the

Learn Docker by Building a Node / Express App

Docker is an open source project that makes it easy to create containers and container-based apps. Docker’s lightweight and portable software containers simplify application development, testing, and deployment. We just released a course on the

CSS Scrollbar Styling Tutorial – How to Make a Custom Scrollbar

Have you ever visited a website with a custom scrollbar and wondered how they did it? After reading this article you will understand just about everything there is to know about customizing and styling scrollbars

A DJ’s mission to tell Asian American stories, track by trackA DJ’s mission to tell Asian American stories, track by trackKeyword Contributor

“I was trying to figure out who’s who and where do they exist? [It starts with] who you know, who people know, but after that, I had to turn to the internet. It was a

React Cheatsheet – 9 Common HTML Rendering Cases You Should Know

Whenever I’m starting with a new framework or it’s been a while since I’ve used it, I always end up searching for the same simple things. I’ll Google how to render raw HTML, how to

Seizing the moment – A framework for American innovationSeizing the moment – A framework for American innovationSVP of Global Affairs

Decades of government investment in R&D led to scientific breakthroughs that gave us the tools we use every day, and public-private partnerships have sparked innovations from the microchip to the internet. Government R&D investment has

New progress toward our 24/7 carbon-free energy goalNew progress toward our 24/7 carbon-free energy goalCEO of Google and Alphabet

Like so many, I’ve been spending more time outdoors this year, whether it’s taking walks with my dog or hiking with my family. This extra time in nature has given me a deeper appreciation for

How to Convert HTML to PDF with Azure Functions and wkhtmltopdf

In this article, we are going to use Azure Functions and the wkhtmltopdf tool to generate a PDF file from an HTML file. You might want to create a PDF file for a great many

What is a CV? CV vs Résumé + Curriculum Vitae Meaning

Depending on where you live and the field you’re in, you’ve probably heard the terms “résumé” and “curriculum vitae” or “CV”. And you might be wondering – are they the same thing? Are these terms