Month: July 2021

Basic HTML5 Template: Use This HTML Boilerplate as a Starter for Any Web Dev Project

When you are building a new website, it is important to have a good starting foundation. In this article, I will explain what an HTML 5 boilerplate is and how to create a basic template

Android Camera2 – How to Use the Camera2 API to Take Photos and Videos

We all use the camera on our phones and we use it a l-o-t. There are even some applications that have integrated the camera as a feature. On one end, there is a standard way

We’re here, we’re loud, we’re disabled and proudWe’re here, we’re loud, we’re disabled and proudBrand Manager, Naming

Parinita Das (she/her) You’ve been at Google for over 14 years. What’s been your favorite experience?  Parinita: The open and inclusive culture is the most valuable experience I’ve cherished at Google over the years. It has

An expanded skills program to empower SingaporeansAn expanded skills program to empower SingaporeansCountry Director, Singapore

Today, we announced that we’re expanding the program with 600 new vocational training places, taking our overall target to 3,600. We’ll be welcoming another 100 on-the-job trainees to Google in October. And we’re also working

Google Doodle Games – Baseball, PacMan, and More

The homepage for the Google Search engine is the most viewed webpage in the world. People conduct billions of searches every day. When you land on the page, right above the search box, you’ll see

How to Clear Search History – Delete All Browsing Data in Chrome

Your browsing history can come in very handy when you want to look up something that you have already viewed on the internet. Maybe you read an interesting article online and want to reference it

How leading Google One is like solving a puzzleHow leading Google One is like solving a puzzleContributor

When office life became video call life in 2020, people around the world experienced the drain of remote meetings. Larissa Fontaine might be the one exception. “Video calls can be hard because you’re just moving

How to Use Webmentions with Gatsby.js – A Beginner's Guide

Webmention is a simple protocol developed by the IndieWeb Community that you can use to request notifications when your URLs are mentioned on the web. When you post on your own site and syndicate elsewhere

Ask a Techspert: What is open source?Ask a Techspert: What is open source?Keyword Contributor

When I started working at Google, a colleague mentioned that the group projects I worked on in college sounded a lot like some of the open source projects we do here at Google. I thought

Google News Showcase is launching in AustriaGoogle News Showcase is launching in AustriaCountry Director, Google Austria

News Showcase content from our publisher partners will automatically start to appear in Google News and on Discover starting today. As part of our licensing deals, we’re also paying news organizations for access to select