Month: August 2021

Free 10-Hour Machine Learning Course

Every day more and more use cases are found for machine learning. It is a great field to get into. We just released a 10-hour machine learning course for beginners on the YouTube channel.

Celebrating five years of Google for Startups in BrazilCelebrating five years of Google for Startups in BrazilHead of Google for Startups LATAM

And who becomes a founder is changing, too. 88% of the startups in our network have women in leadership positions, 53% have a leader who identifies as LGBTQIA+, and 58% counted at least one Black

JavaScript setTimeout() – JS Timer to Delay N Seconds

Have you ever wondered if there is a method to delay your JavaScript code by a few seconds? In this article, I will explain what the setTimeout() method is with code examples and how it

A new model for inclusive computer science educationA new model for inclusive computer science educationDirector, Expanding Computing Education Pathways (EPIC)

The lack of diversity in the computing education pipeline has been a remarkably persistent problem. Something that’s stalled progress in addressing disparities is that there’s largely been a focus on individuals, such as teachers and

Ask a Techspert: How do Nest Cams know people from pets?Ask a Techspert: How do Nest Cams know people from pets?Keyword Contributor

The other day when I was sitting in my home office, I got an alert from my Nest Doorbell that a package had been delivered — and right from my phone, I could see it

SQL Join Types – Inner Join VS Outer Join Example

In a relational database, all information should only be present once. But you might have information that’s separated into different tables that’s related to each other. And you might want to put this related information

React Coding Interview – How to Stand Out and Ace the Challenges

As a React developer, I have gone through my fair share of front-end coding interviews. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the process from the other side – as an interviewer. Here is what

Ripples Nigeria and the power of geojournalismRipples Nigeria and the power of geojournalismEditorial Lead EMEA

In 2015, Samuel Ibemere and his colleagues founded Ripples Nigeria, an online newspaper that aims to bring data journalism into the mainstream. And they’re particularly focused on geojournalism: the harnessing of earth data to accurately

How to Change Screen Brightness on Windows 10 – Brightness Settings and How to Turn Brightness Down

If your screen is too bright, it can give you eye problems – especially if you sit in front of a computer coding all day. This is because a too-bright screen can cause eye strain

Get to know the Pixel 5a with 5G, arriving on August 26Get to know the Pixel 5a with 5G, arriving on August 26VP, Product Management

Pixel is your go-to for all the things you love with 5G speed.3 Download up to 70 songs in seconds.4 With Stadia, you can start playing games on your TV or laptop and keep going