Month: December 2021

A Free Accredited Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science – How Do We Get There?

2021 has been a big year for the freeCodeCamp community: So you may be wondering: what’s next? How do we help even more people from here? Our goal: To provide a computer science bachelor’s degree…

2021 Year in Review: Google Quantum AI2021 Year in Review: Google Quantum AIProduct Management Lead, Quantum Computing

Through teamwork, collaboration, and some innovative science, we are excited about the progress that we have seen in 2021. We have big expectations for 2022 as we focus on progressing through our hardware milestones, the

Tools to help you tackle your New Year’s resolutionTools to help you tackle your New Year’s resolutionKeyword Contributor

You always hear the standard New Year resolutions: Work out more. Run a marathon. Learn a new language. For me this year, it’s to learn three new party tricks (I’m optimistically hoping for more social

Take the 2022 Become-a-Dev New Year's Resolution Challenge

Every year, millions of people create New Year’s Resolutions. A vast majority of these will fail. But I’ve created one for you that I’m optimistic you can succeed with. This is all free and you’ll

The Top freeCodeCamp Contributors of 2021

2021 was a big year for the freeCodeCamp community: How did we community accomplish all of this? With help from thousands of people. And I’m proud to award 636 of these prolific contributors with the

“New normal” and other words we used a lot this year“New normal” and other words we used a lot this yearContributor

Once again, I turned to Ngrams, a Google tool launched in 2009 by part of the Google Books team. Ngrams shows how books and other pieces of literature have used certain words or phrases over

The year in review: Take a bite out of 2021The year in review: Take a bite out of 2021Features Editor

Last year, as we wrapped up 2020, so many of us looked around and wondered what the world would be like now. Would many people return to the office? Would kids return to classrooms? Would

Learn Responsive Web Design by Building 20 Projects – a Major freeCodeCamp Curriculum Update

We just published a significant overhaul of our Responsive Web Design Certification (the first of freeCodeCamp’s 10 currently-live certifications). We also updated our code editor. Instead of coding lessons, you’ll learn concepts and syntax through

Learn Julia For Beginners – The Future Programming Language of Data Science and Machine Learning Explained

Julia is a high-level, dynamic programming language, designed to give users the speed of C/C++ while remaining as easy to use as Python. This means that developers can solve problems faster and more effectively. Julia

AWS CDK v2 Tutorial – How to Create a Three-Tier Serverless Application

A Three-tier web applications has a presentation layer, an application layer, and a database layer. This familiar pattern is fertile ground for learning new technologies like the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). In this tutorial,