Month: April 2022

An update on our work to counter extremism in SingaporeAn update on our work to counter extremism in SingaporeManaging Director, Singapore

For an example of a harmonious, multicultural society, look no further than Singapore, where people of different ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and who speak varying languages live and work together peacefully. It’s a remarkable achievement —

Road tripping on Route 66Road tripping on Route 66Doodle Art Lead

Ninety-six years ago on April 30th, one of the original highways in the U.S. Highway System was assigned its numerical designation of 66, creating what we know today as Route 66. But to say Route

This YouTuber wants to bring financial literacy to AfricansThis YouTuber wants to bring financial literacy to AfricansHead of Brand & Reputation, Google Africa

Nicolette Mashile wanted to find a more fulfilling career. So in 2016, she resigned from her job as a Client Service Director at a Johannesburg advertising agency. But quitting meant Nicolette was forced to stick

Learn Blazor WebAssembly and Web API on .NET 6 by Building a Shopping Cart App

Blazor WebAssembly is a single-page app framework for building interactive client-side web apps with .NET. It uses open web standards without plugins or recompiling code into other languages. We just published a full course on

Coming together to protect the global internetComing together to protect the global internetVice President

Digital fragmentation impacts everyone using the internet. As conflicting regulations proliferate, people’s access to content, privacy protections, and freedom to transact and communicate increasingly vary depending on where they are located. Digital fragmentation has become

How to Create a Habit System and Stay Motivated as a Developer

Do you ever find it challenging to work on your project, side hustle, or even your hobby? Have you ever had those moments where nothing feels exciting? You lay in bed thinking – is it

How to Center a Div with CSS

There are a few common coding problems you might encounter when you start practicing what you’ve learned by building projects. One common problem you’ll face as a web developer is how to place an element

How to Send Large Video Files – Share a Big File with Email

Sending large files through email can be quite challenging. This is because each email client has a size limit for file sharing. Gmail and Yahoo limit file size to 25MB, while outlook and iCloud limit

Linux chmod and chown – How to Change File Permissions and Ownership in Linux

Linux is a multi user OS which means that it supports multiple users at a time. As many people can access the system simultaneously and some resources are shared, Linux controls access through ownership and

10 fun facts to celebrate a decade of Drive10 fun facts to celebrate a decade of DriveContributor

7. If you’re one of the many people with way too many things in your Drive, then search chips are your friend. We introduced this feature in February of this year, and it helps you