Combining technology and art as a Developer AdvocateCombining technology and art as a Developer AdvocateContributor, The Keyword

What first sparked your interest in technology? 

I am from Indore, a city in central India. My parents are my role models: My dad is an engineer and his work inspired me to be an engineer, and my mom is an artist and her creativity and confidence continues to inspire me in everything I do.  

I studied electronics and telecommunication with a bit of programming during my undergraduate course work. Due to my growing interest in coding, I decided to pursue a masters from University of Pennsylvania in computers and information science. After graduating, I had my eye on becoming a software engineer. 

What eventually led you to becoming a Developer Advocate?

My first job was as a quality engineer, which allowed me to explore the industry a bit more. Customer engineering caught my eye. I took a risk and decided to change course, working with customers and applying my technical skills to solving real business problems. 

That was a turning point for me because I had stumbled on something that I really loved. I was able to combine my creative skills to create compelling presentations, demos and code samples that would help developers learn specific products better. That love of solving problems with technology led me to exploring the Developer Advocate role, and I am absolutely loving it!

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