Growing up on the web with lifestyle blogger Keiko LynnGrowing up on the web with lifestyle blogger Keiko LynnSocial Partnership Manager

Keiko Lynn has only ever had what she calls a “real job” once in her life. She did a short stint at a pretzel parlor as a teenager and kept a blog as a personal diary the whole time. After that, it was full-force creator mode as she launched a clothing line to help pay for college. 

Today, Keiko (pronounced “cake oh”) is a successful lifestyle blogger, fashion influencer and Web Creator based in Brooklyn, where she lives with her boyfriend, dog and three cats. Her website,, serves as her online hub for beauty and style tutorials, lifestyle guides and links to shop Keiko’s favorite fashions. 

Keiko’s blog is the heart of her business and where her community thrives. It’s where she shares her view of the world and love for all things whimsical, vintage, pink and fuzzy, with a dash of fantasy. Keiko is also active on social media platforms, serving daily doses of inspiration via her Instagram stories, Pinterest boards, etc. But it’s her blog she can’t do without. “I could lose my Instagram tomorrow,” she says. But you can’t take her blog. 

Keiko chatted with us recently about growing up on the web, and what it takes to be a full-time fashion and lifestyle blogger and social media influencer. 

You’ve been blogging full time since college. How did you get started? And what has changed since then?

Keiko: I fell into this career at such an early time. But before that, I started on Open Diary, and then I transitioned to LiveJournal because that was the hot new thing. LiveJournal was more about the community and making connections. And it really started off as a personal outlet—like a diary—and evolved as time went on. I helped put myself through college promoting my clothing line. And then as I moved to New York, it became more about my personal life, my personal style, beauty, and it evolved as I grew up. The only “real job” that I ever had was when I worked at a pretzel parlor as a teenager.

You’re on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. How do you have time for all that plus your blog?

Keiko: I’ve always said that you should have your own space. The thing about your blog is that you own it. My Instagram could be shut down tomorrow, but people will always still be able to find me on my blog. So I think of it partially as a safety net, and partially as a nostalgic thing that I hold on to and could never give up. 

What is your favorite kind of post?

Keiko: Something with a takeaway, because I like to see people getting something out of it. Sometimes, especially in my age group, we don’t engage quite to the same level as someone who’s a little bit younger. For example, I did this pink witch hat tutorial for you and your cat, and I was thinking, “No one’s going to make this,” but it was so fun to make. And I cannot even tell you how many people made these hats. They made them for their bunnies and babies. And it brought me so much joy to see people creating something that I put out there. I love feeling like I brought some value to somebody.

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