How to make and share digital holiday cardsHow to make and share digital holiday cardsContributor

December 24 is the one of the few days my very large family all gets together. We have dinner and drinks, open gifts, play with the dogs, entertain the babies…it’s chaos, but the best kind. It’s also when we all get to hear what everyone’s been up to, and relive some of our favorite memories. 

This year, of course, we’ll each be celebrating with our immediate households instead of gathering as a large group. But in advance of Christmas Eve, I’m collecting photos and videos to create a special slideshow—sort of like a digital holiday card—we can all watch together via Google Meet. 

If you’re interested in doing something similar, here’s how I plan on using Google Workspace  (in particular, Google Meet and Google Slides) to put everything together. 

Step 1. Decide what you want to include. You could go the traditional holiday card route and share what you’ve been up to this year, but there are tons of other options. You could include photos of your holiday decorations you want friends and family to see, or maybe a list of favorite recipes you’ve been making. Personally, I’m going to include some favorite holiday memories as well as short videos and old photos. 

Step 2. Next, open Google Slides and select New Presentation. You can use templates, or start with a blank slate. I started from scratch and chose a dark blue background. I also experimented with creating some visual elements by choosing the Shape icon on the horizontal toolbar.

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