Keeping you safe online with Google and beyondKeeping you safe online with Google and beyondSVP, Core

Putting you in control

You should have control over your data. That’s why we build tools like Privacy Checkup that put you in the driver’s seat with helpful reminders of what activity is being saved, which third-party apps have permission to access your data, and the option to adjust your settings accordingly with simple controls.

We’re also introducing new product features, and expanding current ones, to give you more control and keep you safe online:

  • Google Assistant: Building on our launch of Guest Mode, an easy way to control your privacy by saying “Hey Google, turn on Guest Mode,” we’re expanding this feature in 9 new languages in the coming months for global availability on Smart Displays and speakers, like Nest Hub Max and Nest Audio. While in Guest Mode, these devices won’t save your Assistant activity to your Google Account and won’t show personal results, like your calendar entries or contacts, until you exit the mode. This helps keep your personal information private while others are around your shared device. If you ask Assistant to interact with other apps and services, they might still save that activity or provide personalized results.

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