More digital skills training in the Latino communityMore digital skills training in the Latino communityChief Operating Officer

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Alex Corral was working in his family’s restaurant when he suffered an injury on the job. That moment made him stop to reflect about his career path, and ultimately look for a change.

Alex always had an interest in IT, but during the time of his injury he decided to act on this interest, so he enrolled on the Google IT Support Career Certificate. Earning his Certificate gave him the confidence to apply for jobs in the field, which led him to his current job with, a software company which helps optimize freight moving. Alex credits Google Career Certificates as the reason he was able to pivot careers and get his start in the IT sector.

Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in today’s increasingly digital economy, but in occupations requiring digital skills, which will represent two thirds of jobs by 2030, members of the Latino community in the U.S. are significantly underrepresented. Over the next decade, members of the Latino community will grow to represent 21% of the workforce, and 78% of net new workers.

To be prepared for in-demand, high-paying jobs and to close the existing gap in digital skills, it’s crucial that members of the Latino community get easy access to education and credentials. Investing in training and support for job seekers in the community will drive economic mobility and equity. So today we’re announcing three initiatives to help open doors to higher-paying jobs and entrepreneurial ventures that can grow into long-lasting careers.

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