News Showcase is launching in PolandNews Showcase is launching in PolandCountry Director, Poland

News Showcase panels can appear on Google products, currently on News and Discover, and direct readers to the full articles on publishers’ websites, helping them deepen their relationships with readers. Panels will also include extended access to paywalled content from participating publishers to give readers even more from their favorite sources, hopefully leading to more subscribers for the news organization. In addition to the revenue that comes directly from these more-engaged readers, participating publishers will receive monthly licensing payments from Google.

“News Showcase is another Google project supporting media outlets worldwide and once again they are doing it on such a large scale,” says Michał Mańkowski, editor-in-chief, chief operating officer and board member of naTemat Group, a nationwide online media publisher. “I am glad that Google recognizes more and more the important role of reliable and trustworthy publishers, and supports them in this way. We are proud to be in this group.”

“We are thrilled to be joining Google News Showcase. We are now certain this new platform will help us even better control how our content is seen by our readers,” says Przemysław Pająk, editor-in-chief of Spider’s Web, an independent business and technology news company. “We are not only going to use News Showcase to promote important news that we have been regularly bringing onto the media market, but also present our best columns and premium articles in an attractive way.”

Since we launched News Showcase in October 2020, we’ve signed deals with more than 1,200 news publications around the world and have launched in 14 countries including India, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Austria, the U.K., Australia, Czechia, Italy, Colombia, Argentina, Canada and Ireland, bringing more in-depth, essential news coverage to Google News and Discover users. More than 90% of the publications that are part of News Showcase represent local or community news. Local news is an essential way for readers to connect to their communities and ensure they get the news that impacts their day-to-day lives.

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