A foolproof way to understand cloud optimization

We’ve discussed the notion of cloud architecture optimization here in the past. Now it’s time to understand how it’s measured. You really have no way to prove your architecture isn’t optimized unless you do an

Getting started with Azure SQL Edge

The cloud is becoming increasingly distributed, with container technologies allowing easy deployment of what had been cloud functionality to devices at the edge of the network. What began with function-as-a-service runtimes has now graduated to

How to use the ProblemDetails middleware in ASP.NET Core

For an API to be maintainable and usable there should be consistency in the way responses are sent to the clients. This article talks about ProblemDetails, open source ASP.NET Core middleware from Kristian Hellang that

Static versus dynamic cloud migration

It’s 9:00 AM on a Wednesday. You’re in the boardroom giving a status update on the latest migration project that will remove most of the vulnerabilities found during the recent pandemic. This is the third

How Oracle v. Google could upend software development

Oracle v. Google has been winding its way through courts for a decade. You’ve probably already heard that the high-profile legal case could transform software engineering as we know it — but since nothing ever

Survey finds cloud complexity increases challenges

Bridging the Cloud Transformation Gap is a report that evaluates the findings of Aptum’s Global Cloud Impact Study. Aptum’s annual study seeks the opinions of 400 senior IT decision makers. Keep in mind that these sponsored

Testing web applications with Node.js and Playwright

Modern application development depends on automated testing, using test frameworks to ensure that code is ready to go into application packages and out to end-users. To get the most from testing, tests are written before

How to create route constraints in ASP.NET Core

Route constraints in ASP.NET Core are used to filter out or restrict unwanted data from reaching your controller actions. For a primer on routing in ASP.NET Core, you can refer to my previous article on

BrandPost: Run a Deep Learning Model in Java: A Quick Take

We are excited to announce the Deep Java Library (DJL), an open source library to develop, train and run deep learning models in Java using intuitive, high-level APIs. If you are a Java user interested in

BrandPost: Deploying Deep Learning in Production Gains Multiple Efficiencies

TalkingData is a data intelligence service provider that offers data products and services to provide businesses insights on consumer behavior, preferences, and trends. One of TalkingData’s core services is leveraging machine learning and deep learning models

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