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Poised for growth

When we shift to a model where our audience is paying for our journalism, the focus automatically shifts to more community-driven, in-depth journalism that serves the public good. And this also aligns with our mission at TNM. When members of the public pay directly for independent journalism, it strengthens our ability to remain independent.

This launch taught us two really important things. One, we’re on the right track! Even though we had to make several pivots, we’re well-poised to grow the membership program, not just with the Indian diaspora, but with resident Indians as well. Two, we want to keep offering our readers other ways to support our work.

The GNI project put us on the road to a sustainable revenue model that is incredibly different from our traditional advertising-driven model. We’re looking forward to growing this new effort, and seeing how it can benefit our goal to provide our community with independent journalism.

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