This World Wildlife Day, the key word is adaptThis World Wildlife Day, the key word is adaptProgram Manager

Conservationists are concerned we’re not adequately preparing to protect the wolverines and their habitat which is also home to other species of animals and plants. In 2020, the decision to federally list the wolverine as threatened under the Endangered Species Act was rejected on the basis that there’s still sufficient snowpack.

Moving forward, land managers and policymakers can use TerrAdapt projections to better inform decisions like this. Carly Vynne, TerrAdapt co-founder and Director of Biodiversity and Climate at RESOLVE says that TerrAdapt helps them keep these animals on the landscape. “TerrAdapt allows us to visualize future scenarios and plan management responses,” she says. “This helps make sure that our region is as resilient as possible for wolverines and the other plants, animals, and human communities that depend on our natural landscapes.”

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