Web Stories, not Web TeasersWeb Stories, not Web Teasers

We’ve seen amazing momentum from web creators trying their first steps with Web Stories. With more adoption comes more content exploration, guidance and questions, and it’s still early days for Web Stories, so we’re all figuring things out together as a community.

Web creators around the world are figuring out how Web Stories complement their portfolio, and one particular thing we’ve seen folks try out is teaser content: Web Stories that are essentially advertisements for some other content, like a blog post or full-length video.

Unfortunately, from what users are telling us, this isn’t what they want. Instead Web Stories are best when they tell a full story and aren’t used to “tease” other content. Readers don’t like to feel forced to click through to a connected blog post to finish reading. While Web Stories can help grow traffic to your domain and raise your visibility, they likely will not work as a pure acquisition channel where users have to click through to complete their content journey. We want to see you succeed, so let’s discuss what to do instead. 

Let’s address the elephant in the room, the reason why we’re talking about all of this in the first place: monetization. We know that many blogs and websites have their monetization strategy well crafted and want to drive users to their main property. That makes sense. However, with Stories, it’s important to think about the users consuming them and how Google showcases them.

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