Be sure to check out the full playlist of recordings from Drupalcon Portland 2024 in the coming days. Soon it will be time to start planning for Barcelona in September 2024 and Atlanta in March 2025!!We did it; we’ve reached the last day of DrupalCon Portland 2024. Today was a specialty content day with something for all conference attendees. Largely it was a day of industry summits and training. 
Event Organizer Working Group. Today we also had an afternoon of roundtables dedicated to exploring the issues that matter to the Drupal community. 

Industry Summits
DrupalCon industry summits provide an exclusive chance to engage and collaborate with Drupal community members who share your field and/or interests. These summits were comprehensive full-day sessions that allow for time to share case studies, strategies, lessons learned, and best practices. For those interested, the Industry Summit series was available as an add-on to the main ticket for an additional fee, offering a focused, enriching experience adjacent to the broader conference in the industries of government, non-profit, higher education, and healthcare, as well as a Drupal community summit option.

Finally, Dries has a new blog post as well discussing high highlights from the Driesnote, Drupal branding refresh, and more. You can read and watch on the site.

Drupalcon Atlanta

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