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According to web design statistics, 40% of visitors favor images over other types of visual elements on business websites. Web designs and brand logos contribute to shaping first impressions and boosting conversions, making them crucial for a successful online presence.
Hostinger clients on any hosting plan have access to our in-house AI content generator plugin ‒ AI Content Creator. Here’s how to use it:

As more users turn to voice commands for internet searches, optimizing your WordPress website for voice search can increase its ranking for conversational queries. With NLP, AI tools analyze how users phrase questions verbally to optimize website content with relevant long-tail keywords.

As SEO is an ongoing process, AI can save time and money by analyzing large amounts of data and identifying trends to help you make sound decisions. It’s especially helpful for WordPress website owners who are new to SEO and don’t have the budget to commission an expert.

AI can help you brainstorm blog ideas, but remember to add your personal touch. Make sure the content meets your style and quality standards, as AI may not fully understand your brand or audience nuances.

10 Ways to Use AI in WordPress

While WordPress itself does not have AI features by default, it supports AI features via plugins and third-party apps. You can use them to streamline content creation, improve SEO, optimize images, and protect your WordPress site from spam. Developers continuously release and scale AI plugins to improve WordPress’ core functions and simplify website management for users of all skill levels.

1. Generate Copy Text and Content

Prioritize User Experience

  1. Scroll down to the Tips to improve section and select Install AI Assistant.

4. Troubleshoot WordPress Issues

Run Tests Before Implementation

  • Rank Math SEO ‒ best for on-page keyword optimization and website performance analysis.
  • AIOSEO ‒ a popular WordPress plugin that can generate SEO titles, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps to help search engine crawlers understand your website content better.
  • MarketBrew ‒ forecasts pages’ search engine ranking before publishing based on Google Analytics data, keywords, and organic traffic trends.
  • KeywordInsights ‒ compiles keyword ideas tailored to the chosen location and language for easier content planning.

AI Best Practices for WordPress

AI tools often process user data to function optimally. Ensure the ones you use comply with WordPress GDPR and other data protection regulations, especially when dealing with sensitive information.

Image compression tools incorporate AI to automate the process without compromising quality. Certain WordPress AI plugins can add alt texts, adjust color contrast, and improve the brightness of images for users with visual impairments and screen reader reliance.

This section explores common use cases where AI tools come in handy.

  1. Log in to your Hostinger account.
  2. Open the Create with AI tab, then briefly describe your brand and pick the desired style. Hit Create once you’re ready.

Most AI SEO tools support integration with WordPress’ block editor. For example, Rank Math SEO analyzes your content as you write, offering suggestions to enhance its SEO and readability.

Understand Data Privacy Laws

Apr 25, 2024

Yes, AI is safe to use on WordPress, especially with trusted plugins. Make sure all AI solutions integrated with the website comply with data privacy laws and security standards to protect your data and users.

This WordPress tutorial will explore ten different ways you can use AI on your WordPress site. We will also discuss the benefits of incorporating them into your workflow.