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Choosing the best SEO WordPress theme for your website isn’t just about aesthetics – the theme should also have optimal performance.
When choosing the template, you can filter them based on the editor you’re going to use, such as WordPress’s own Block Editor.

Don’t worry if you can’t set up custom colors during this stage, you’ll be able to tweak the style later from the site editor.

Yes, your chosen WordPress theme can impact SEO performance. A theme affects site speed, mobile responsiveness, and code quality, all of which are SEO ranking factors. Choosing a clean, well-coded, and fast-loading theme should improve SEO.

Key Features

How We Tested the Best SEO WordPress Themes

There are actually many data points inside each tool that we keep an eye on. To make it simpler for you, here are the primary metrics you should pay attention to. There’s also a table in the next section for you to easily review the themes’ performance:

On desktop, Kadence also performed great, with a score of 99. The main recommendation from PageSpeed Insights was to serve static assets with an efficient cache policy, which can be fixed by installing a WordPress caching plugin.

For portfolios, Inspiro integrates with the WPZOOM Portfolio plugin, enabling you to create a portfolio section on your website. While a free version is available, the premium plan offers more useful features. Alternatively, you can just make a regular gallery using WordPress’s Block Editor.

  • Last updated – We focused on themes updated within the last six months at the time of writing to ensure they’re current with the latest web standards.
  • Rating and reviews – We prioritized themes with user ratings of 4 or above, ideally closer to 4.5. We also considered user reviews to get an idea of the genuine user experiences.
  • Active installations – It served as an indicator of a theme’s popularity and perceived reliability, with higher numbers suggesting a more tested and trusted theme.

We also verified each theme’s compatibility with popular WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, AIOSEO, and Rank Math, which are crucial for optimizing a site’s visibility in SERP. So, rest assured that all themes included in this list are compatible with those SEO plugins.

However, it was noted that some tap targets were not appropriately sized. We fixed this by applying the best practices for mobile-friendly websites. In this case, make the buttons and links large enough to tap and provide enough space around them to ensure a better mobile experience.

Default Speed Test, Clean Core Check, and Built-in Schema Markup Check

Its efficiency is further validated on GTMetrix, where it scored 99%, with a swift load time of 978 milliseconds for a minimal page size of 39.7 KB and just 6 page requests.

  • Performance – The weighted average of the metric scores, which include elements like content size, speed index, and total blocking time. The closer it is to 100, the better.
  • Fully loaded time – The time needed for the site to show everything, including all the images, ads, and below-the-fold content, until after network and CPU activities have idled for a specific period. The faster it is, the better.
  • Page requests – The individual network requests a browser makes to fetch all the necessary resources to display a webpage, including HTML files, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript scripts, and images. The number of these requests can significantly impact a site’s load time, as each requires a round trip to the server. The lower the score, the better.
  • Page size – The total size of all the content and assets on a webpage that is fetched by the page requests, such as text content, images, and stylesheets. Larger page sizes require more data to be transferred and processed, potentially slowing down the page loading time.
  • Time to First Byte (TTFB) – It measures the time between a client making an HTTP request and the first byte of the page being received by the browser. It indicates the responsiveness of your web server. A lower TTFB can lead to a better user experience, as it means your page starts loading faster.

Customization options within the theme’s customizer itself focus on essentials like site identity and homepage settings, with more extensive customization available through Qi Addons.

Then, we selected our candidates based on these aspects: