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It depends on your goals. Traditional marketing channels like television commercials are great at reaching broader audiences and building brand awareness.
Even though the market cap is not as big as content marketing and advertising, the steady growth of email marketing means that it’s still highly effective in driving conversions and nurturing customer relationships.

44 Key Digital Marketing Statistics for Strategic Growth in 2024

The second major player in the digital advertising world is Facebook, which is expected to earn 3 billion from ads in the same period.

26% of CMOs were very happy with the success rate of their marketing automation strategy, while 69% reported achieving moderate success. Only 3% were unsuccessful in meeting their goals with automation.

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is still one of the most effective strategies to build long-term relationships with your existing audience. Having a business email account will also make your brand look more professional.

Surprisingly, major video platforms like TikTok and Snapchat have a lower percentage than one might expect, used by only 35% and 13% of brands.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats You Should Know

  1. The global market value of digital marketing will reach around $1.3 trillion by 2033.
  2. More than 50% of company marketing budgets go to paid media and new technologies.
  3. Mobile advertising will account for 70% of the total ad spending by 2028.
  4. Companies allocate the majority of their ad budget to social display and search advertising.
  5. Around 84% of B2B marketers managed to create brand awareness through content marketing.
  6. Blogs are used by 76% of marketers to distribute content, making them the most popular form of content marketing.
  7. Short-form videos bring higher engagement and ROI than longer ones.
  8. On average, the first result on Google generates 39.8% of all clicks. If it’s a featured snippet, the click-through rate increases to 42.9%.
  9. Nearly half of millennials believe influencer recommendations more than regular ads when buying a product.
  10. Generative AI is the driving force behind marketing technology’s continuous growth in recent times.

Amidst the market volatility in recent times, marketing leaders are forced to adjust their strategy to optimize growth and return on investment (ROI). 82% of CMOs chose to reprioritize investments in digital channels, while only 59% adjusted offline channels.

1. Global Digital Marketing Market Size Is Expected to be Worth Around $1.3 Trillion by 2033

Thanks to features like Shops and a large marketplace community, 23% of global consumers rate Facebook as the best social commerce platform. Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook’s parent company Meta, comes second with an 18% vote.

91% of businesses create videos as a promotion tool, and 96% continue to value videos as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Among those who have yet to use video marketing, 70% plan to follow suit.

Digital Advertising Statistics

Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Surprisingly, ranking high on the search engine results page (SERP) is no longer the top priority for most brands and marketers.

6. Global Digital Advertising Market Is Expected to Reach $740 Billion in 2024

With the ever-growing popularity of YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, consumers are constantly exposed to short-form video content. If you’re looking to boost engagement, short videos are the best video format to tap into.

7. Mobile Advertising Will Comprise 70% of the Total Ad Spending by 2028

Although it still has a long way to match Facebook’s numbers, TikTok’s rapid growth and unique user demographics signify its emergence as a promising platform for advertisers looking to reach the younger generation.

9. Video Advertising Market Will be Worth Around $191 Billion in 2024

With this shift in consumer behavior, companies are willing to spend more on digital advertising, slowly leaving behind traditional marketing channels.

10. Google and Facebook Continue to Dominate the Advertising Space

For small business owners with a limited budget, content marketing serves as the more affordable strategy to drive website traffic. Although the results won’t come as easy and fast as search advertising, your effort will pay dividends in the long run.

Digital video viewership reached 2.78 billion users worldwide in 2019, and the number will grow to 3.78 billion by the end of 2024. In the US, most people use smartphones to watch video content.

Content Marketing Statistics

39% of marketers agreed that one-minute videos bring the highest engagement and ROI. In contrast, only 16% believed that videos with a duration of three minutes or longer would perform better.

Interestingly, more than half (55%) of bloggers believed that producing high-quality content is more important than making it SEO-friendly and partnering with influencers.

11. Content Marketing Revenue Will Increase by Almost 50% Between 2022 and 2026

The current trend doesn’t suggest a dying industry in the slightest. Quite the contrary, the number of email users consistently increased each year from 2017 to 2022, and it’s set to grow to 4.73 billion users by 2026.

12. Around 84% of B2B Marketers Successfully Created Brand Awareness Through Content Marketing

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18. Over 3 Billion People Watch Online Videos at Least Once a Month

Bing, as Google’s closest competitor, only gets 3.37% of the global market share. Other popular search engine platforms include Yandex (1.64%), Yahoo (1.1%), Baidu (0.99%), and DuckDuckGo (0.53%).

19. Short-Form Videos Bring the Highest Engagement and Return on Investment

More than half of marketers (60%) believed improved targeting is the leading advantage of marketing automation. 41% mentioned higher efficiency and ROI, while 39% said better customer experiences.

With more than 5 billion active user accounts, social media is a goldmine for brands to engage with a wider audience. Let’s explore some important digital marketing statistics you can leverage to build a considerable social following.

A whopping 76% of marketers use blog posts to distribute content. In terms of results, 10% said that blog content brings the best ROI, with 36% agreeing that it performs better than case studies, webinars, infographics, eBooks, and podcasts.

The following facts will reveal why you should invest in email marketing despite the popularity of messaging apps and social media platforms.

21. Most Businesses Include Videos in Their Marketing Strategy

We have a dedicated tutorial on creating an email newsletter – check that out if you want to connect with your audience.

22. Nearly Half (47%) of Companies Invest in Product Demo Videos

Based on the digital marketing statistics we’ve compiled in this article, it’s clear that digital platforms have replaced traditional marketing media as the primary marketing channel for businesses and professionals worldwide.

The digital marketing industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.6% for the next decade, growing from 6 billion in 2023 to a whopping .3 trillion by 2033. 

Is Digital Marketing More Effective Than Traditional Marketing?

Google has the largest digital advertising revenue among other tech companies. By 2026, the search engine platform is projected to generate around 7 billion, comprising roughly 44% of the global ad earnings.Instead, they want to focus more on generating high-converting traffic through guest blogging on authoritative sites, building an email list, and engaging with the target audience on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora.

How Successful Is a Digital Marketing Career?

Despite recent economic challenges, the MarTech software industry is still going strong, growing by 18.5% from 2023 to 2024. Most experts believe that generative artificial intelligence (AI) is responsible for 73% of this increase.As a matter of fact, pages targeting key phrases with five to nine words have a 31% CTR, almost twice as many clicks as single-word terms (16.5%).

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Marketing technology, which refers to software or systems marketers use to achieve their goals, takes second place with a 25.4% share. The remaining portions of the budget go to labor (24.6%) and agencies (23.3%).

The lack of tool integrations (25%), customization capabilities (20%), and customer support (17%) were also the top complaints shared by respondents.