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The group will work in the coming weeks to establish processes and changes required to to facilitate the role.Allan Chappell (generalredneck)
Timo Huisman (Timo Huisman) (provisional)

  1. Kristen Pol (Kristen Pol)
  2. Darren Oh (Darren Oh)
  3. The inaugural members are as follows:
  4. Pedro Cambra (pcambra)
  5. This is a new working group tasked with helping maintainers prepare contributed projects for the next major release of Drupal core.
  6. Sven Decabooter (svendecabooter)
  7. Lucas Hedding (heddn)
  8. Vladimir Roudakov (vladimiraus)
  9. Norah Medlin (tekNorah) (provisional)
  10. Naveen Valecha (naveenvalecha)
  11. If you wish to get in touch and say congratulations, you can find them in the #project-update-working-group channel on slack.
  12. Björn Brala (bbrala)
  13. Matt Glaman (mglaman)
  14. Jakob Perry (japerry)
  15. Kim Pepper (kim.pepper)

Mark Casias (markie)
Congratulations to the inaugural members of the new Project Update Working Group.

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