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John Picozzi – johnpicozzi
Matthew Grasmick – grasmash


  • Drupal FL Camp talk
  • Fundamentals of Agile
  • How do you square long term planning
  • What is Redfin Solutions’s preferred methodology
  • What is Crystal Agile Methodology
  • Do other methodologies have web specific versions
  • Would you agree that large companies can use different agile methodologies
  • Have you ever used Scrumban
  • Listener Question: Shivan xamount:: Story points are usually equated to fibonacci numbers. These are not supposed to correlate to hours, what do you think about that?



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Today we are talking about Agile Methodologies, How to pick the best one, and why they matter with guest Chris Wells. We’ll also cover CKEditor Text Transformation / AutoCorrect as our module of the week.



Martin Anderson-Clutz – mandclu

  • Brief description:
    • Have you ever wanted CKEditor to autocorrect symbols like the copyright mark, the “not equals” sign, and fractions, from their text equivalents? There’s a module for that
  • Module name/project name:
  • Brief history
    • How old: created in Mar 2024 by Gedvan Dias of Redfin Solutions
    • Versions available: 1.0.0-alpha1, which works with CKeditor 4 on Drupal 8, and 2.0.0-alpha1, which works with CKEditor 5 on Drupal 9 and 10
  • Maintainership
    • Actively maintained, was released just a few weeks ago
    • Not much documentation of its own, but the module leverages CKEditor’s Automatic text transformation, which has a fair bit of documentation on
    • Number of open issues: only 1 open issues, which is the Project Update Bot’s automatically-created Drupal 11 compatibility issue
  • Usage stats:
  • Module features and usage
    • By default the module enables four categories of transformations: ‘symbols’, ‘mathematical’, ‘typography’, and ‘quotes’
    • You can override the module’s plugin if you want a different set enabled, but the module also provides a hook you can use to alter the active sets or define custom transformations, similar to using emojis in Slack, for example

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