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  • Where do you start when thinking about a new site or feature.
  • Where is the line for extending vs forking
  • Do you have solutions that you default to when building a feature
  • Do you find people come to Drupal with specific third party requirements
  • What do you think about Headless
  • When do you choose to contribute a new module to Drupal
  • Will recipes change your architecture
  • How do you learn about new ways of doing things
  • Where did you get your username, are you the king of the Netherlands



Martin Anderson-Clutz – mandclu


Nic Laflin – nicxvan
John Picozzi – johnpicozzi
Baddý Sonja Breidert – 1xINTERNET baddysonja



Today we are talking about Drupal Architecture, Common Site Building questions, and How we solve things with Drupal with guest Alexander Varwijk. We’ll also cover Drupal 10.3 as our module of the week.

  • Brief description:
    • Have you been wanting to use Workspaces, Single Directory Components, Recipes, or the new admin menu in your Drupal site? The new Drupal 10.3 release is better for using all of these and more.
  • Module name/project name:
  • Brief history
    • How old: It was tagged on Jun 20 by catch of Tag1 and Third & Grove
  • Features and usage
    • In this new minor version, Workspaces is now declared stable, and Single Directory Components are now fully integrated into core, instead of being in an experimental module.
    • Drupal 10.3 also includes the new Access Policy API that was funded as part of the Pitchburgh process kicked off at DrupalCon Pittsburgh
    • The “super user” access policy that automatically grants user 1 every permission can now be turned off in services.yml
    • Also, Recipes and the new Navigation menu are available as experimental features
    • The Actions UI, Book, and Statistics modules are deprecated, and contrib projects are available
    • Install profiles can now be uninstalled, and new sites can be installed without any profile at all
    • 10.3 also includes a revision UI for taxonomy terms, and they can also be used with content moderation
    • All core-provided image styles now include WebP conversion
    • The state service now uses a cache collector for performance, which requires opt in within settings.php for existing sites
    • There are other performance improvements, including: POST requests are now render cacheable, duplicate queries during logins are avoided, and big pipe requests now avoid reading session from the database multiple times
    • With 10.3 developer can also make use of a new AJAX command to open a URL in a dialog, and a new DraggableListBuilderTrait, among a host of other changes
    • Of course, there are some additional deprecations, so the Project Update Bot has already been busy creating new MRs

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