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Sitejet Commerce, integrated into cPanel, is your all-in-one solution for building, managing, and selling on your Sitejet website. Take control and initiate your 14-day free trial today. Turning your website into an online store has never been more straightforward!

Empower Your Online Business with Sitejet Commerce

Key Features of Sitejet Commerce:

To ensure you can experience the benefits of Sitejet Commerce before committing, we offer a 14-day free trial for the Starter plan. During this period, you won’t incur any charges. After the trial, the Starter plan will automatically activate. You can easily upgrade or cancel your plan through the “Manage Subscription” option in the Sitejet Commerce tab.

3. Gift Cards & Discount Coupons

No more switching between platforms – cPanel becomes your centralized command center for your online business, placing you in control. With Sitejet Builder already included in every cPanel license at no extra charge and Sitejet Commerce designed to be cost-effective, launching your online venture is budget-friendly.

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Great news! Are you looking to add an online store to your Sitejet-driven website? With Sitejet Commerce, you can easily integrate an online store into your website through your cPanel dashboard. Sitejet Commerce is a perfect complement to your Sitejet Builder experience. Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of Sitejet Commerce.

Sitejet Commerce is the latest addition to Sitejet Builder, designed to improve your website creation experience. But if you were missing a shop, fret not! Natively integrated, Sitejet Commerce provides centralized and hassle-free online selling. Customize your websites with creative freedom and eliminate limitations.

6. Advanced Analytics

To get started, simply access your Sitejet Builder website in cPanel and select the Commerce option in the Sitejet Builder menu. Click on “Create Shop,” follow the instructions to input your contact and payment information, and you’re all set to build your online empire.

Centralized Management in cPanel

7. And more

Setting Up Your Sitejet Commerce Store

2. Social Selling

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1. Fast Checkout for Easy Conversion

5. Abandoned Cart & Automated Marketing Emails

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