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Do your home-owning homework

Home ownership is an important goal for many people across the U.S. In fact, search interest in “should I buy a house in 2022” increased by 1,800% in the US this past year. For people looking for mortgages, it’s easy to find digestible and helpful information on this complex topic right on Search.

When you search for “mortgage process,” you’ll find easy-to-follow steps to help guide you, wherever you may be in the mortgage process. Our feature connects you to helpful news articles, industry definitions and terms and a calculator to help you understand what your monthly payments might be. This mortgage information is provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Understand your options

Across the country, many people have faced changes in their employment situation, and getting help isn’t always easy. Information about unemployment benefits eligibility and other government services can be hard to understand, making it difficult to navigate the process and make informed decisions about your financial situation. When looking online for unemployment benefits, we have updated our search experience to make it easy to get information on eligibility, how to apply, and get locally relevant resources for your situation.

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